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About Kittie Beletic

At present I work in 3 mediums, paper, weaving and embroidered textiles.

Because my formal training in and around college was with classical music, it remains an inspiration in my work. In particular, I am inspired by movie soundtracks. The elements of music - rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony, tone color and texture - are found in making art as well as making music. One of the games I play is using a finite number of materials, like writing a song within the same octave. There are endless possibilities!

I love using my hands and in particular, am attracted to detail - tiny stitches, making small wrinkles in the background canvas for my paper paintings and in figurative images, finding delight in the finest bits. In particular, the use of fibers combined with color and words, bring great joy in the making.

Studio: Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles

If you are interested in purchasing or commissions email: